Cable? No More!!

By Tysna Saputra - Juli 14, 2016

Few weeks ago, I bought this WD passport wireless. Well, of course, I was attracted by its title "WIRELESS". Hahaha... AND YOU KNOW WHAT? It become my life saviour from now on. When I travel, I always take LOADS of photos and videos, and my main necessity is always STORAGE. Well, I live with 16gb storage smartphone, so what do I expect :P. Rather than bring along my laptop from places to places (COZ IT's TOO INCONVENIENCE) , I used to delete several data and files on my mobile phone, in order to fit the new files. But well, I had to let go few files that I had not backed up yet. BUT NOW, I only need to bring this WD passport wireless along wherever I go. Its size and weight are very convenience to be carried everywhere. With one simple click, I can easily transfer all the data from/to my macbook, iPhone and iPad to/from this WD passport wireless through the air 😁. BESIDES!!! I found it really helps me to wipe away my boredom during the journey. When I access this WD passport through my iPhone, I can play all the videos/films that I want to watch WITHOUT consuming my iPhone's storage at all. Just imagine, I can watch full HD video through my gadget WITHOUT CONSUMING its storage. INSANE!!! Hahahahaha.

One more crazy feature is its SD card slot. So, it's very easy for me to transfer the data from my friends' pocket camera that doesn't have wifi features. I just need to plug the SD card into the slot on my WD passport wireless, and access it over the wifi through my phone.

So To all my fellas, I highly recommend you guys to have this WD passport wireless as your traveling and working essentials. I have the 2TB storage, so what do I expect more from my hard-disk?
For the model that I have, you can have it at:
Regular Price: $219.99
Promo Price: $179.99

No cable, Better travel experiences 😊

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