It's Denim Day

By Tysna Saputra - November 01, 2015

D on D

(Denim on Denim)


ne of my favourite fashion items is definitely DENIM. It's because denim reflect casual mood yet look so trendy. Denim always fits to be paired up with various items, such as flannel shirts, graphic tees, tanks, sneakers, loafers, scarves and so many other fashion items.

This time I'd like to combine it with Long Line Shirt and Sandals to get such a casual yet trendy look. With the same grading on jacket and jeans PLUS  my favourite black elements on the graphic on tees and sandals, I guess this entire look is great to be worn daily and for casual occasion.

 (I'm wearing: long line tees by H&M, Denim Jacket by Berska, Skinny Jeans by Burton Menswear, Arizona Sandals by Birkenstock) 

Besides, here are few of my favourite denim stylings and combinations.

So, NOW is your turn to style and mix your favourite denim items!!

Feel free to share your favourite denim styling :)

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