Superdry is NOW at Grand Indonesia!!

By Tysna Saputra - November 05, 2015

inally, SUPERDRY opens another store in Jakarta. Now they open their store at the 1st floor at Grand Indonesia West Mall. Yesterday, 5th November 2015, they celebrated the grand opening at their new store and invited loads of public figures, including celebrities, fashion enthusiasts, fashion-grammer & blogger, etc. The event was also open for public. So you can imagine how these Superdry fans were gathering together and filled the stores while enjoying the party.

The Store Look

The Event

Besides the fashion show as the opening of the event, there were cocktails, beers as well as DJ performance that made the party atmosphere became so cozy and partylicious.

(I wear watch by Superdry)

And finally here we are at the event. Yesterday, I was accompanied by my friend, Katherine. Lemme tell you a bit of our experiences yesterday. I thought It would be so hectic at the store yesterday, and I said "Ok Kath, let's have a lap at the store". However, as our first steps at the stores, we were welcomed by the cocktails and DJ performance that made us forget about our first plan LOL. Besides, the collections, ESPECIALLY THE WATCHES, made us stay longer inside the store. You know what? Katherine was attracted to buy two watches for her and her fiance. Trust me, their watches collection is DOPE!!!.  Can't wait to visit the store soon. :)

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  1. Can we buy it online? I am from yogya by the way.