STYLISH & HUGE. What would I ask for more?

By Tysna Saputra - Januari 08, 2017

Ding Ding Ding!
Have you planed your essentials for your next vacation? What will you bring? Clothes, Sunnies, Camera? What Else?
For me, since I love to take picture, record video, and do my work during vacation, I always wanted to bring along my laptop as well as a storage.
However, any external harddisk which have huge capacity always comes in big size and heavy weight.

Early on December 2016, I got this WD Passport 4TB with such stylish design.
It's so light that makes me put it on my checklist as one of my travel essentials.
It's minimalist, so I can bring it anywhere without having to worry if anybody ask me "Why do I bring ext HDD everywhere?"
It's huge! YES HUGE! 4 TB is more than enough to save my daily storage. As blooger, influencers and creativepreneur, I definetly have so many data in the form of photos, videos as well as document and contract to be saved in portable storage. I always concern about the size of the portable hard-disk with huge capacity, yet this WD NEW passport re-define my perception about it. Moreover, they come out with various colors for such edgy design. HOW COOL IS THAT??

What are you waiting for??
Get this stylish portable storage on:

Cheers :)

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