LOOSE - DAY (An Alternative for Casual Outfit)

By Tysna Saputra - Januari 05, 2016

Today, I have few casual meetings with few clients. Since I have to go from places to places, I guess something casual with tees is the perfect outfits for today. However, I don't really feel like wearing something vibrance today, So I choose to wear greyscale combinations.

//I wear Beanie by PULL & BEAR; White Tees by TOPMAN; Loose pants by PULL & BEAR; Silver Watches by KOMONO; and White Superstar Sneakers by ADIDAS //

Since, I have to move from places to places, I guess ADIDAS Superstar is the best companion for today. Besides, I choose to wear beanie to balance the casual look that these sneakers have created.

Ankle cut Loose-pants become my best selection for today. WOOHOO I kinda love this pants, coz it creates such loose shapes on my not-so-long legs. Especially with the ankle-cutting, the pants creates such visualization that lengthen my body high overall.

As the final touch, I choose to wear this Winston Royale - Silver by KOMONO to create such luxury look in details.

So, I guess I'm so much ready to attend some casual meetings with this look!!!!

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