My First Ever YOUTUBE Video is UP NOW!!! YAYYY

By Tysna Saputra - Desember 24, 2015

Hi Guys,
Finally, I have finished composing and uploading my first ever YouTube Video.
So, some of you may wonder the contents of my YOUTUBE channel.
I actually will present the same thing like what I've posted on my Instagram and Blog, but in Video format. WHY? Coz In video, I can be more interactive with you guys as well as more information that I can give to you all.
So, feel free to subscribe and give comments.

On my first video, I pick the topic about switching style with one of my best pal, RAIVAN (instagram: @plainkite). He has a completely different style compare to mine. So It's really surprising when we see ourselves in different fashion style. To know how it happens, just view the video below.

Have a great DAY!!!!

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