What to Wear for Campus Today?

By Tysna Saputra - November 16, 2015

It's been raining these few days, and It's a great time for me to take out my outerwear collections from my wardrobe. So that's why I choose to wear my Denim Jacket as the layer on my aztec printed tees that I bought from Aussie last year.

Denim Jacket by Bershka ; Eyewear by Lacoste, Ripped Skinny Jeans by H&M ;  Backpack by SamsoniteRED ;
Shoes by TroveFootwear

To add the sense of casual on my look, I choose to wear the skinny ripped jeans and casual denim shoes. You know what? actually this shoes got the ethnic detail on its back. It's Batik motif (Indonesian traditional print).

I also to choose SEGGIO backpack by SamsoniteRED to complete my look today. Besides it's enough rooms to put all my stuffs (from Documents to Earphone), It also has a very great and adorable design that makes me look stylish while carrying my stuffs around.

So, have you decided what to wear for Campus today?

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  1. i adore your blog and the design too!
    Wanna follow each other? Of course i want, let me know in the comment box on my blog if you want too

    Sylvi Gautama